What Blog Topics Generate Real Estate Sales Leads?

I took an unscientific poll asking real estate agents why they don’t blog. (I only asked real estate agents who understand that blogging can bring in more real estate sales leads.) The number one reason they gave was that they don’t know what to write about. In this article, I’ll give you all the resources you need to have enough blog topics to last you a lifetime.

First, I’d like to say a few words about how to choose the best topics for your market and niche.

You want to choose relevant topics. That means topics that are of specific interest to your niche, your market and your real estate sales leads. If you don’t already know who your niche and market are, you need to take the time to figure that out.

When you write about relevant topics, your blog will get more visitors and more repeat visitors. Then, you’ll get people to subscribe to your blog. And, you’ll get visitors who turn into clients. Isn’t that what you want?

Now that you know why you only want to write about topics relevant to your market, following are all the ideas you’ll ever need to stimulate your creative writing abilities.

RSS Pieces

This is my favorite source for blog ideas and in-depth information about real estate blogging. What they’ve done for you is provide 365 different real estate blog ideas. http://www.rsspieces.com

Google Alerts

When you set up a Google Alert, you’ll get the latest search results on any topics of your choice automatically emailed to you.

To set up a Google Alert for topics of interest to your market go to Google Alerts and follow the super easy instructions.

When you’re asked what “Type” you want, I recommend choosing “comprehensive.” That monitors everything posted on the web from videos to blogs and everything in between. When asked “How Often,” I recommend choosing “once a day” so that you’re not swamped with emails.

Try it out by setting up a Google Alert for your own name. When anyone (including you) mentions your name on the web, Google will automatically email you a link to that web page. This is a great way to monitor what’s being said about you!

Here are topics you can monitor through Google Alerts to give you an unending stream of ideas relevant to your real estate market: (you might want to start with just one or two so you don’t get overwhelmed with Google Alerts)

real estate
your city real estate
your state real estate
the name of your real estate agency
the names of your city’s sports teams
your market’s school districts
any topic that is of importance to your area
Topics to Drive Real Estate Sales Leads to Your Blog

And last but not least, here are topics that are relevant to most markets:

home maintenance
moving tips
tips to eliminate clutter
how to prepare your home to sell
tips on buying a home
home renovation
gardening tips
holiday and special events in your city
do-it-yourself home repair tips
interior decorating tips
organizing tips
real estate market trends for your area
statistics about your area such as crime stats, employment stats, etc.
fun things to do in your area
the top ten best ___________ in your area (fill in the blank with things like restaurants, places to shop for bargains, parks — you get the idea)
What are your biggest questions or concerns about blogging to generate real estate sales leads? I’m writing a step-by-step manual on this topic and need your help. So that I can create the perfect manual for you, I’d like you to tell me your biggest question and concern about blogging. If you’ll take just 60 seconds to do this, I’ll email you the “how-to-manual” (which will sell for $49) for free as soon as

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